Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why bother

You see, there is this "snipe/bitch" blog that trashes what is posted and by whom at Two Peas in a Bucket discussion board website. Normally I don't care, but I was reading some old discussion threads and found this and it hit -- HARD

Anonymous said

May 26, 2008 at 6:40 pm

voltagain is correct, Memorial Day is for remembering service members who died in wars or military action. While sad and unfortunate, most of those on Buckeyed Sandy’s list are not who Memorial Day is intended for.

Now, I see nothing wrong with honoring people who served and died regardless of where/how, but if she’s going to lecture people on the true meaning of the holiday she should at least keep to the true meaning of the holiday.

"Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service."

How about this?


Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release May 2, 2000

Memorandum on the White House Program for the National Moment
of Remembrance

Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies

Subject: White House Program for the National Moment of Remembrance

As Memorial Day approaches, it is time to pause and consider the
true meaning of this holiday. Memorial Day represents one day of
national awareness and reverence, honoring those Americans who died
while defending our Nation and its values. While we should honor these
heroes every day for the profound contribution they have made to
securing our Nation's freedom, we should honor them especially on
Memorial Day.
In this time of unprecedented success and prosperity throughout our
land, I ask that all Americans come together to recognize how fortunate
we are to live in freedom and to observe a universal ``National Moment
of Remembrance'' on each Memorial Day. This memorial observance
represents a simple and unifying way to commemorate our history and
honor the struggle to protect our freedoms.
Accordingly, I hereby direct all executive departments and agencies,
in consultation with the White House Program for the National Moment of
Remembrance (Program), to promote a ``National Moment of Remembrance''
to occur at 3 p.m. (local time) on each Memorial Day.
Recognizing that Memorial Day is a Federal holiday, all executive
departments and agencies, in coordination with the Program and to the
extent possible and permitted by law, shall promote and provide
resources to support a National Moment of Remembrance, including:
Encouraging individual department and agency personnel, and
Americans everywhere, to pause for one minute at 3:00 p.m.
(local time) on Memorial Day, to remember and reflect on the
sacrifices made by so many to provide freedom for all.
Recognizing, in conjunction with Memorial Day, department
and agency personnel whose family members have made the
ultimate sacrifice for this Nation.
Providing such information and assistance as may be
necessary for the Program to carry out its functions.
I have asked the Director of the White House Millennium Council to
issue additional guidance, pursuant to this Memorandum, to the heads of
executive departments and agencies regarding specific activities and
events to commemorate the National Moment of Remembrance.

William J. Clinton

Note: This memorandum was released by the Office of the Press Secretary on May 3.

Gee, how nice. I have no lies to tell, and these are all people that died while in uniform and in the line of duty.Maybe you want to know more about them and why I ever posted about them.Let's start with the most personal one, my first husband:

Mark William McKinney (d 1989) While yes, Mark did die from Glio Blastoma Multiforme, a type of brain cancer; it occurred during a deployment to Panama a full year before Operation Just Cause. He barely got back to the CONUS to die. It was determined (by DOD and the DVA) to be a “line of duty, related to military service death.” For years afterward the scuttle butt was that he died from wounds received at the fire-fight at the fuel storage facility. Yes he was there, no he was no the one shot.

Now the first time I lost friends:

October 30, 1981 - A USAF B-52D-55-BO, 55-078, of the 22nd Bomb Wing, March AFB, California, crashes on the eastern Colorado prairie near La Junta at 6:30 a.m. while on a low-level (400 foot altitude) training mission, killing all eight crew. No weapons were onboard.

James L. McGregor

Gani Aydoner

Clifford R. Duane

Stanley Eddleman

Tim McFarland

Bruce E.Shafer

Kendall E. Wallace

David W. Smith

October 19, 1981, This was my VERY FIRST military aircraft crash( B-52D) that I worked where I KNEW EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. When I was still in Maintenance I dated a tail gunner, this was his crew. He had been with them for over a year when we started to date, and we dated for almost a year before he PCSed. The aircraft, 55-078, went down at the La Junta Range in Colorado on a night low-level bombing run, they were supposed to be a static display aircraft at an airshow that weekend back “east.”

James MacGregor (Jimmy-Mac) was the husband of my former Flight Commander when I was in Aircraft maintenance (22 Avionics Maintenance Squadron), We both went at the same time to Job Control and I then went on to the Command Post and retrained into the Command Control career Field.

Major Aydoner’s daughter was in my Brownie Girl Scout troop.

Cliff Duane was a crew chief (actually “third wiper,” a trainee crew chief) for the aircraft, and one of the guys I would have meals with sometimes in the chow hall when we were working the “overnight” shifts. Went to PME I with him.

Captain Eddleman was the EWO on the crew, a little odd, he was moonlighting as a college instructor on base.

Tim McFarland was the NEW gunner on the crew. He was from western Pennsylvania and the gunner I dated was his supervisor and his sponsor when he had PCSed in earlier that year. He was married, one son Patrick (who is a Senior Master Sergeant in the USAF now). They lived in the apartment behind the apartments were I rented. Some of the guys from the Squadron after the Official notification by the Squadron Commander, stopped by to have me go with them to help her, I wasn’t home, I was at work in the Command Post.

Bruce Shaffer was the crew chief of 55-078. Very wicked sense of humor, played pranks on the specialists, nearly died of mortification when I tumbled out of his aircraft when he moved my work stand from the open gunner’s hatch. He drove me to the ER. It's been so many years later, but I read his name I can still picture him and the goofy way he wore his ball cap for softball games.

Captain Wallace was “just married” that summer. I went to the wedding with their old gunner. His wife Heidi, was a lawyer in L.A. They had the “appearance” of the stereotype “yuppie-WASP" couple . But the furthest thing from it. Kendall was a third generation USAF officer, and a graduate from the USAFA. His wife’s notification came OVER THE RADIO DURING THE MORNING DRIVE, nearly caused an accident on I-10 near Diamond Bar. It seems a Riverside Press-Enterprise reporter called up the command post for the names, this was before all the next-of-kin were notified. Oh the CP didn’t give it out, she then called Base Ops and asked there, “said she was calling from the PA office” The airman at Base Ops not knowing any better released the names off the flight plan.

Major David Smith was active in the base Chapel programs. I taught CCD years later at another base with his widow (she had remarried).

Military Duty IS DANGEROUS, and military aviation is more so. Dying on a routine "airlift mission," or on a training mission, is the same as dying from enemy action.

April 3, 1996, If the date for these people looks familiar it’s because it is the same date that President Clinton’s friend, Ron Brown, died in a plane crash. There are a lot of underhanded crap with how this mission was put together, lots of “horsepower” from Washington D.C. insisting on things, some of it contrary to safety of flight. I supported the Accident Investigation Board. I knew Heidi, she was a friend of mine.

Ashley Davis

Tim Schafer

Gerald Aldrich

Robert Farrington Jr.

Shelly Kelly

Cheryl Turnege

Britt Simpkins

Heidi M. Kniupis

March 2003, Lt. Col. Walker Bowman – Died in a aircraft accident (A-10), post maintenance flight check. He was my boss, (Chief of the Operations Center) at Davis-Monthan AFB. His two young sons sent me a care package when I was deployed to Kuwait 1999-2000.

Dec 21, 1999, I was supposed to drive people to Kuwait City Airport to catch their “freedom Bird” flight home from their deployment to Ahmed Al Jaber Kuwait. But at midnight, the weather decision was that they would “fly in” via a C-130 flight. The C-130s were up at Ali Al Salem and did theater cargo and personnel deliveries. I had just talked to my controller at the command post on the radio, the flight was inbound. Since I was part of the “leadership team” (acting First Sergeant) I was expected to go and meet the new personnel when they in-processed. There was a noise in the distance. I was expecting my “arrival call” – nothing. I had a bad feeling as I was getting gear to go out, my controller had active the radio alerting net and announced an aircraft mishap” I ran my fasted mile ever, and made face-to-face notifications to the medical standby crew, the Group Commander, and the Intel and Comm people (they were on my route to the CP).

Three people died on that flight, dozens injured, more might have died if a certain MSgt Norris (yes, he is related to THAT Norris) hadn’t saved their lives. MSgt Norris was in the incoming Fire Chief.

Michael D. Geragosian

Benjamin T. Hall

Warren T. Willis

Sept 13, 1997, C-141 Crew Lost in a midair collision with a German military transport aircraft (they were flying formation back to Germany after an exercise in South Africa, the German Transport had the people and the USAF C-141 had the equipment) off the coast of Africa. I was the NCOIC of the Base Command Post at Ramstein AB Germany, we dispatched personnel for the search when the aircraft went missing and the recovery team. Our Wing Commander was the President of the Accident Investigation Board and I sent 5 of my troops down to support the operations.

Stacy Bryant

Gregory Cindrich

Robert Evans

Scott Roberts

Gary Bucknam

Justin Drager

Jason Ramsey

Peter Vallejo

Frankie Walker

Sometimes it isn't a shot fired, but a traffic accident after work.

July 23, 2002, Lt. Col. John K. Smith, He was the Chief of the Operations Center at Ramstein, died in a single car crash, after pulling a 14 hour overnight shift supporting operations at Ramstein AB, the family was getting ready to PCS back to the States to Travis AFB.

And lastly, a few fellow agents of my DH, who died from hostile action or at least very suspicious circumstances.

March 2, 1997 Dean Pulliam, active duty USAF OSI agent, Special Agent Pulliam was killed while stationed in Kuwait.

August 8, 2004, Rick A. Ulbright, USAF OSI Agent, polygraph specialist, died from injuries after a rocket attack on Kirkuk Air Base, Iraq

February 20, 2006, Daniel J. Kuhlmeier active duty AFOSI agent died in an IED explosion in Baghdad

June 5, 2007, two active duty AFOSI agents died in an IED explosion near Kirkirk

Matthew Joseph Kuglics

Ryan Andrew Balmer

November 1, 2007, three active duty AFOSI agents died in an IED explosion near Balad

David Wieger

Thomas A. Crowell

Nathan J. Schuldheiss

Oh I really wanted to rage and vent, but why give one asshat individual the ammo or the satisfaction. There were no other posts to support this one individual's viewpoint. So why bother. I can vent here, after all who cares?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30, 2008, It is over yet?

There are not many times that I cannot wait for "it" to be over, complete, finished, move on to the next thing.

There are many things going on in the household, and in the greater world in general that I personally would like to be done it, finished, completed, filed and forgotten. But... chaos rules, the world in is disorder, things may get worse before better. Holding patterns are in holding and it is getting very tiring.

To start with, it is the "dog days of summer" it is HOT, it is HUMID, and we are burning money by having the air conditioner on. I feel like a shut0in and developing "cabin fever." The dogs are worse for it. On a day like today, they have limited access outside, they are older dogs and too much heat and humidity is bad for them.

I feel trapped by all the demands on me. Care of the pets, care of the house and yard, care of the cleaning and maintenance, and my full load of classes this summer. The rest of the household is no help.

Since the last postings last summer, DD has returned home to her bed -- with a "friend with benefits/finance" Dad allows it, she is his biological daughter, I'm just the "evil-step-monster" (St. Elmo's Fire anyone?). It's up and down, although he does make himself useful and helpful around the house sometimes. Other times... well...

Plus we are going to house a "homeless" friend (temporary) that is in a finance bind. I'm not sure how long she will be here, she's a Federal Agent in a "famous" agency, and has come to like her lifestyle where she is living next to a Metro stop and uses Metro for everything and has a little bit of life outside of work.

A dissolution of a business that she was involved with (partnership) is the cause of the finance woes. She is in a legal battle with the other partners, and should she win - the finance trouble, (all releated to legal fees) will be over and maybe her debts cleared too.

WARNING to anyone considering a business "partnership," to dissolve a losing one IS MORE EXPENSIVE than a divorce. Think it through carefully, and if ANY OF YOUR friends advise AGAINST IT, please listen to them.

Character counts, in spouses, in friends and in business partners. I am reading and hearing about so many business that are failing or failed because of a lack of scruples and integrity. A dear friend is losing a good chunk of her retirement savings, because she invested in a business partnership with a couple people with less scruples and integrity.

Hey, as I type I am seeing that this applies to my husband's current work situation, and to adult children still suckling at their parents' teats.

Okay, I should amend that the kids are not all that bad, they do, do things, when asked. I am more upset that they even wait to be asked to do something, anything. I also am a little upset over the fact they do not contribute to th household finances, or pay any bills but auto insurance, gas and incidentals. Okay, rant over.

I am tired of being a shut-in, I am tired of waiting for "this" to be over and "next" to start.

Friday, August 17, 2007

August, Repentance

I really must attend to this more often. Yesterday was a highlight of the month type of day. A friend of mine retired from the Air Force. We're not close buddies. Or even former so-workers but I was a person in the life of her husband, a mentor in some ways and a friend.

As he is a dear friend, she is too. And I am so happy for her successes in life. She is GOOD people!

One of the highlights was a tour of the Pentagon and treading the hollowed halls where a jet airliner was crashed into the building with 77 people on board. there is now a Chapel at the point of impact.

It IS a hollowed meaning holy and maybe even haunted place. There is a ghost of the events that occurred that warm summer's day in September.

Other things of note this month -- along with the deaths of many family members, I seem to be watching the slow death of one on-line company and the tipping point in the scrapbooking industry.

Interesting things about Big Picture Scrapbooking, and a couple of "scrap" celebrities, Heidi Swapp and Stacy Julian. Sad to see this, but all the signs were there BEFORE the implosion. In a split second the house of cards starts to fall.

I had a singular incident near the tail end of my career. Where the difference is I DID "fess-up" and was willing to take on my portion of the blame. (Which thank G-d, was very minor.) I had those I feared that would repudiate me, in my corner, beside me. Only a singular accuser that had a larger instigating role, and she fell far.

At the time I took it HARD. I have to this day, people that admired how long I did stand, and how I took the stand I did, in spite of pressure to "fudge" the rules at every turn.

Integrity is a term not used often any more, manly I think because NO ONE has learned or remembered what it is and how important it is. Till "something" happens.

I personally felt that I failed and sold my integrity for a long time afterwards. One of my supporters told me that was because I was the very essence of it, and had more than most people.

Since I did tumble, I am more "forgiving" that we are human and have shortcomings and failures. That would be a good topic for "REAL LIFE" scrapping - personal failings and shortcomings. You're "public"page could be "light-hearted" but the hidden journaling, ah! The real meat about "self-knowledge" and personal insight.

Is there an area you consistently fail to meet YOUR own expectations? Scrap it.

Oh my! I'm starting to sound like some sort of Life Coach!!! Well maybe today I am.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

February 2007, where does the time go?

Once again, after a long hiatus -- I'm back! So what's happened? the Republicans lost the majority in the House of Representatives, and the Senate is at parity, give or take one Senator. The elections went on without too many court cases, because the Democrat party won, if it were other wise, I am sure that the cases would still be in the courts.

Voter frauds occured, as did illegal voting, but who is going to complain??? I am dis-hearted and un joyful.

On the war fronts, DEA has it's collective head on backwards as an ally was arrested as he came to the USA to testify about the Taliban. Now another tribe in Afganistan is against us. Let us not forget the appeasement as well as the roll over and surrender crowds...

We won a victory in Iraq, and it has been lost by the perfidity of some of our elected representatives and appointed officials. This IS NOT Viet Nam, this is much worse.

My voice is silent since it is raw from protesting, what can one person do?

It is also the season of LENT. Notice everyone that when it is Ramadan -- it is noted "everywhere" but have it be a Christian season, be it Advent, Christmas or Lent -- there is -- nothing, not even silence. Since that would be an acknowledgement that there is "something" going on.

Snow is falling, the constant steady snowfall of large clumps of white. Not really the heavy wet ones. But good enough to pack to make a snowman maybe. It has been falling mostly steady since Mass let out this morning. the light is flat, and sounds outside are muffled. I don't hear aircraft from the airport.

If this were December it would be perfect Christmas Card photograph background. Just no ice please. Ice is a bad thing, it breaks tree limbs, makes the roadways slick and causes power outages. No ice today please.

Okay I've gone from elections, to the war, to the weather. It is the "LONG" season, the discontent, the cold, the scarce supply of goodwill and cheer. Is that way February is only 28 days, because it seems so much longer than that?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's Safe Again - I think

One thing about Blogging, you get some really strange comments from strangers. I had to turn off the comments and stopped for awhile. I think it's safe to return.

So what are the SAFE topics??? Of course babies, born (but not too graphic from the delivery room pics) toddlers, even when they make a mess. Maybe espeically when they make a mess, just watch what it is they made a mess with, again somethings are too graphic. Kids going to school, the first day of school, unless they are screaming and parentials and teachers are frazzled.

Now holidays - Lots of cool pics right? Consider the following:

Halloween dress-ups, unless it it a caricature of a stereotype, in which case you are doomed, or it is too scary or realistic, or even {gasp!} your REAL SELF.

Thanksgiving, really. If you are cooking it do you have time to document it? Someone else is taking the photos, can they compose a shot or make the mental allowances to compensate for the distance between the viewfinder image and the shutter image? Hmmm??? And let's not forget the teens wereing an old faded t-shirt or the latest "hoochie mama" stuff, the kids that "were dressed up" and now look decidedly non-dressed and the adults and their mufti. No one coordinates!!! And the table shots -- nothing that will get you published, not the slick "Martha Stewart" totally coordinated or the "Pottery Barn" eclectic electric mix.

Christmas is another TOTALLY out of control holiday. Instead of warm "homey" colors, now nearly anything goes, and it's so hard to have those "perfect" photographic shots. You can "stage" to an extent the holiday decorations, attend performances and juggle or barge your way to a location for that PERFECT shot. But the majority of it -- the tired adults and overtired and excited children and pets...

And this is only the stereotyped mainstream "traditional" holidays and families.

What if you are {whisper} "different" in some way??? You don't celebrate one or more of these holidays, or you celebrate in a way that is DIFFERENT. Our even celebrate different holidays altogether???

What if your family is NOT traditional?
Your children are all teenagers and don't want to: A. Be photographed at all. And B. Are absent, either sulking in their rooms, hiding in the basement or over participating (not) at someone else's house??

You are NOT near any other family members, but choice, distance or design?

Your family is not in any sense traditional. Different in so many ways from the make-up and sexual orientation to cultural and racial differences show up more, because of the "greater societial norms" are more apparent in the media (like advertising) and in published scrapbook pages.

So is it safe? What a silly question!!! Are you the advertising director?

It is YOUR family, it is your life, it is the events that make up the mosaic of your lives. While somethings might be too graphic for widespread publication. (birthing for example) if it is important to you, do the page.

School is not all smiles and "A+" there are tears, if your child is fearful - go ahead and document it, and don't give in to the influence of "aww how cute." Document what it is that your child fears...

Halloween, photograph the costume. Other holidays, document what it is that makes it your family's holiday. Teens, ask for ONE photo with the family, And then ask that they take a few photos as well of you rushing around, or of family members. Ask another adult to take a few photos. And RETHINK what a perfect page or perfect holiday is. We are not all "Martha Stewart" or "catalogue images" designed to sell an "ideal" as well as furnishings.

Years from now, it will be those "crazy things" that family will remember, not how well everything matched up and coordinated.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Now August? Where did July go???

July blew right by us in a flurry of visitors and outings. We had Bill's Uncle and Aunt, and at the end of the month my sister and her family, plus a Great Dane in tow!!! That is one BIG DOG (weighs in more than me!!).

Summer - growing up was always about family and friends, vacations were a mix of visitations and education. Museums, tours of facilities (every lock on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway)and historical sites, (in the USA and Canada).

There was at least one trip to an amusement park, usually Cedar Point. At least one "beach trip" usually to somewhere on Lake Erie or Lake St. Clair. and a week or two of camping (with the Girl Scouts for me and the Boy Scouts for my brother).

I remember that as children, before I was in my teens. We would go up to Detroit to visit Dad's family. We stayed at Grandma's, my parents in Dad's old room and my sister and I in our Uncle's old room. Our brother had the open area at the top of the stairs which was larger and we often played house up there.

During the Depression and throughout WWII, my grandparents made the upstairs into a rental unit with it's own bathroom (toilet, sink and small shower; the sink doubled as a kitchen sink) those were removed at the end of the war.

It was a fun place on rainy days! The front porch (every house had a front porch) was the entire front of the house and wider than the living room. There was a crawl space underneith and it was for outdoor and garden equipment storage. There were two access doors, one on each side, with steps on one side. It was always cool and damp, no matter how hot outside!!

And my grandparents kept it clean!! That German influence, everything kept clean, you could eat in there, if you didn't mind the ants.

There were many playgrounds within walking distance, with little shops and stores that my grandparents used, and that they seemed to know everyone, and everyone knew them.

We could walk to the grocery store, but had to drive to the super market. There was a Montgomery Wards and a Sears store down the street and around the corner. And a bar on the corner across the street.

One story in the family, my grandma was proud of my grandpa, for all his faults (and he had a few) drinking was not one of them. Neither my Uncle or my father ever had to go into the Bar to get their father! Women, least wise, "married women or good girls" did not go into bars.

I remember once walking with my Dad and we went in - I was begging to see inside. It looked like our basement at home. The bartender was a childhood chum that still lived in the area. And I got a orange soda and Dad a Verners (Ginger Ale aged in oak barrels).

The area was pretty much unchanged from WWII era. Grandpa was an early photography hobbyist and there were lots of photos of the neighborhood, the houses being built, remodeled or gardens over the years. And always included were the neighborhood children, and other neighbors. So I had something tangible to compare to.

My Uncle and his family have all of Grandpa's photos. It is sad to see just how quickly after the mid 1970s everything went over from bad to worse. My Grandparents blamed it all on "The Land Lords" the people that were buying up old houses and then renting them. They said the whole character changed when no one "owned" the house and had no stake in it.

The yards would be first, the grass dried up and died and was no reseeded. The gardens were either allowed to grow wild (like the rose brushes) or went weedy. Next there would be small repairs and "touch-ups" that went with out fixing. Painting long over due, and things that broke and were not fixed.

It was not long before household trash, that once was only in trash cans, with secured lids in the alley ways, was blown everywhere.

Broken glass in the playgrounds were another sign, followed shortly later by other things such as was graffitti on the play structures. Soon the swings were all broken, the slides dented up and trash everywere.

It was at this time my Grandparents moved out, selling their prized house to a young family. But a few years later, heard that the family sold it to one of the many "Land Lords."

My brother and cousin last summer went looking for it. It was surrounded by a fence, the neighborhood looked like a war zone, many lots were empty of houses. The house they sought -- looked like a bombed out "crack" house. They did not take any photos, it was too sad.

I remember the last time I saw it, there were tall shady trees, still lots of grassy front yards. And the image I have in memory, of dappled shade, green lawns, front porches and the sound of children at play, mothers and grandmas cooking and the grandpas fixing porch steps or squeeky bikes. The smell of flowers from the many gardens, the heat off the asphalt and tar, and the petro smell of machine lubercant as grandpa fixed up Dad's old bike for us to ride.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's June! Already????

No time like the present, so when did it become June so fast??? Daughter has had enough of her enforced exile from all that is worth-while in life and went back to Callifornia.

No job, no high school diploma, no driver's license, just a few bags, and a request we mail/ship some stuff from home.

She is 19, has had some serious issues in her life, survived them, and now, doesn't want to wait any longer, wants to be with "her friends" since they are what is important.

I can remember being 19, on my own, and a grown-up (snicker, snort), I already had almost 8 months in the Air Force.

She is in a safe place, living with a couple friends and their parents, not like she is pan handling at the side of the road. She was some goals, and a do-able plan to get there. She left through the garage door, with Dad driving, not slamming the front door in the middle of the night after a heated verbal fight with her father.

I've unpacked her boxes from our move last summer, gathered all the clothing from all the out-of-the-way-places (don't ask) washed them all, and we are about to reassemble the bedframe (she went the last year without it).

The dogs miss her, Princess still waits up till midnight, and will then go down and bark when ever she hears a car door slam outside. Then whimper with no one comes in.
Chance, goes into her room and lays his head on one of her pillows.

Even I, the "wicked step-mother" miss her. I have been going through some photos and look back at just a few years ago, how young, looking much younger than her years.

I miss the young woman she was becoming, as I miss the young teen she once was. I DO NOT miss the fights, arguements and scenes.

So, it's June. The time for young adults to start making a way for themselves in the world.

ETA: someone reminded me I left everyone hanging -- nothing sinister was the final call. I've had a couple bouts of pneumonia before, there is scaring consistant in the area with pneumonia, the spot - benign. But come back and get regular checkups.