Friday, August 17, 2007

August, Repentance

I really must attend to this more often. Yesterday was a highlight of the month type of day. A friend of mine retired from the Air Force. We're not close buddies. Or even former so-workers but I was a person in the life of her husband, a mentor in some ways and a friend.

As he is a dear friend, she is too. And I am so happy for her successes in life. She is GOOD people!

One of the highlights was a tour of the Pentagon and treading the hollowed halls where a jet airliner was crashed into the building with 77 people on board. there is now a Chapel at the point of impact.

It IS a hollowed meaning holy and maybe even haunted place. There is a ghost of the events that occurred that warm summer's day in September.

Other things of note this month -- along with the deaths of many family members, I seem to be watching the slow death of one on-line company and the tipping point in the scrapbooking industry.

Interesting things about Big Picture Scrapbooking, and a couple of "scrap" celebrities, Heidi Swapp and Stacy Julian. Sad to see this, but all the signs were there BEFORE the implosion. In a split second the house of cards starts to fall.

I had a singular incident near the tail end of my career. Where the difference is I DID "fess-up" and was willing to take on my portion of the blame. (Which thank G-d, was very minor.) I had those I feared that would repudiate me, in my corner, beside me. Only a singular accuser that had a larger instigating role, and she fell far.

At the time I took it HARD. I have to this day, people that admired how long I did stand, and how I took the stand I did, in spite of pressure to "fudge" the rules at every turn.

Integrity is a term not used often any more, manly I think because NO ONE has learned or remembered what it is and how important it is. Till "something" happens.

I personally felt that I failed and sold my integrity for a long time afterwards. One of my supporters told me that was because I was the very essence of it, and had more than most people.

Since I did tumble, I am more "forgiving" that we are human and have shortcomings and failures. That would be a good topic for "REAL LIFE" scrapping - personal failings and shortcomings. You're "public"page could be "light-hearted" but the hidden journaling, ah! The real meat about "self-knowledge" and personal insight.

Is there an area you consistently fail to meet YOUR own expectations? Scrap it.

Oh my! I'm starting to sound like some sort of Life Coach!!! Well maybe today I am.


At August 23, 2007 3:54 PM, Blogger Mimi said...

You can be my life coach any day! I agree, while it is difficult and hard to accept responsiblity, it is ultimately soul saving.


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