Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's June! Already????

No time like the present, so when did it become June so fast??? Daughter has had enough of her enforced exile from all that is worth-while in life and went back to Callifornia.

No job, no high school diploma, no driver's license, just a few bags, and a request we mail/ship some stuff from home.

She is 19, has had some serious issues in her life, survived them, and now, doesn't want to wait any longer, wants to be with "her friends" since they are what is important.

I can remember being 19, on my own, and a grown-up (snicker, snort), I already had almost 8 months in the Air Force.

She is in a safe place, living with a couple friends and their parents, not like she is pan handling at the side of the road. She was some goals, and a do-able plan to get there. She left through the garage door, with Dad driving, not slamming the front door in the middle of the night after a heated verbal fight with her father.

I've unpacked her boxes from our move last summer, gathered all the clothing from all the out-of-the-way-places (don't ask) washed them all, and we are about to reassemble the bedframe (she went the last year without it).

The dogs miss her, Princess still waits up till midnight, and will then go down and bark when ever she hears a car door slam outside. Then whimper with no one comes in.
Chance, goes into her room and lays his head on one of her pillows.

Even I, the "wicked step-mother" miss her. I have been going through some photos and look back at just a few years ago, how young, looking much younger than her years.

I miss the young woman she was becoming, as I miss the young teen she once was. I DO NOT miss the fights, arguements and scenes.

So, it's June. The time for young adults to start making a way for themselves in the world.

ETA: someone reminded me I left everyone hanging -- nothing sinister was the final call. I've had a couple bouts of pneumonia before, there is scaring consistant in the area with pneumonia, the spot - benign. But come back and get regular checkups.


At June 26, 2006 12:56 PM, Blogger Mimi said...

Whohoooo on the nothing serious.

Ah yes, I was married with a little one by 19, but am still amazed at how little I knew back then. Shudder.


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